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Midnight Moonrising by K.S. Haigwood and Anne Conley with review

Title: Midnight Moonrising 
Series: Moonrising #1
Author: K.S. Haigwood & Anne Conley 
Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance 
 Release Date: July 31, 2015


Mena wants the Master Vampire of Montgomery, Alabama, but the wolf inside her wants the homicide detective working the case of the man she murdered.
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With everyone thinking I was angry, I was taking a wild guess that it would be at least thirty minutes before anyone realized I was gone. That was a good head start. From the vague vibe I was feeling from Jess and the other traitors, I was looking at covering a distance of about four miles. I ran that nearly every morning, and the time it took to get there would allow my wolf and me time to figure out what we were going to do when we got there.Cutting the bitch was what my wolf wanted to do, and I couldn’t honestly say that I wasn’t on board with that plan, but I was smart enough to know that I couldn’t take on eight werewolves on my own. I would have to find their hideout and come back with my pack. Bringing Phoenix and his clan to watch my back in case any of my wolves were really on Jessica’s side was a smart thing to do, so I would let them come, too, not that I would really get a choice in the matter; I doubted he would stay behind even if I begged him to.A loud clatter had my head whipping around to look behind me again. An aluminum trash can lay on its side, its contents spilling into the street. A tabby cat peeked around the edge of the torn trash bag and I exhaled in relief. I was a sad case, indeed. I laughed at myself. I was not used to being the monster.
“I aim to change that, Mena.”
I rolled my eyes at my wolf. “You just be you and let me be me and we’ll get along just fine.”
Soft laughter filled my head and I had to smile. I had to admit that I liked her, regardless of how much trouble she was causing me with Phoenix. At least we had come to a compromise. I didn’t know how well said compromise was going to work out, or even if it would at all, but I was willing to try. Everyone deserved a shot at happiness, even with as insane as our case may be.
As I turned my head back around to continue on my journey, I ran smack-dab into the hard chest of a man. He was in shadow, so I couldn’t see his face. Stumbling back, I attempted to get my balance, but his arms closed tightly around my body, jerking me to him and trapping my arms down at my sides so I couldn’t move.
Struggling against his solid hold on me, I opened my mouth to let out a scream, but he twisted me around and clamped a hand over my mouth so fast that I didn’t know what was happening until I was being pulled backward, away from the security of the streetlights that lined the suburban road.
I raised my knee up then brought my foot down hard on the toe of his shoe. He let out a muffled grunt, but continued to drag me into the shadows.
This had to be one of the werewolves. The strength alone told me that. They had to have been watching my house, just waiting for me to leave. This bastard was going to kill me if I didn’t do something.
My wolf stirred under my skin. She wanted out and it was the first time since I’d been bitten that I agreed with that plan. With only a little more than human strength and quick reflexes, it wasn’t possible for me to handle a grown male werewolf on my own.
My final option, before letting my wolf free, was try to at least injure him. I hoped that would be enough to make him loosen his grip on me enough so I could run. If he gave chase, I would have to concede and let my wolf take over.
Gripping the dagger tighter in my palm, I rotated my wrist and drove the blade into his side as hard as I could. An ear-piercing ululation erupted from his throat and he let go of me. I didn’t wait or look back. I ran as fast as my legs would carry me, adrenaline and my wolf giving me the speed and strength to push my muscles past what a human would be able to endure.
“Mena… Mena!” I heard the cry behind me, but my mind wasn’t registering anything except panic and the need to get as far away from my attacker as possible. “Mena—wait! It’s me…” A strangled groan had me slowing. “…it’s… it’s Phoenix. I—I’m so sorry, Mena.”
I froze, not wanting to look back at the man, terrified that what he’d spoken was true. If it was—if I turned and saw those ice-blue eyes staring back at me, it would destroy any trust I had ever had in him.
“Please, Mena, I never meant to hurt you. I was only trying to scare you so you would realize what a stupid stunt going off on your own to find the killers was. What were you thinking?”
The blood rushed through my veins at an impossible speed, and fury washed over me in waves as I stood there trying to decide whether to walk away or allow my wolf to rip Phoenix’s head off. She was all for the second option.
I heard him cough, and then groan in agony. I imagined he was pulling the dagger out of whatever organ I had been lucky enough to hit. There was a lot of heavy, ragged breathing and two more guttural-sounding coughs. It appeared as though I had hit a lung. Too bad it wasn’t his heart! I wasn’t sure stabbing him in the heart with a silver blade would kill him, but I would have put money on a bet that it would have been a hell of a lot more painful.
I turned my head to glare at him, but the hatred I had expected to feel wasn’t there. He had fallen to his knees, and his head was bent, his eyes focused on the bright red stain spreading across his new shirt.
Shaking my head, I looked up to the sky and asked, “Why me?” After receiving no answer, I sighed and began the one-hundred-meter walk back to Phoenix.


This book...OH MY GOD! Where do I even start? Being a newbie to this genre, I have nothing to compare it to, but suffice it to say, this book kept my attention. All freaking 62 (yes, sixty two) chapters. Helluva long book, but don't let that stop you.
Mena, the protagonist is a tenacious, independent young woman who is 'bitten', by her husband...unbeknownst to her (at first, anyway). Her 'wolf' gives her a run for the money, emotionally and physically. The battle of wills between those two is hilarious at times, disturbing at others.
Enter Alex, the detective who is investigating the death of Mena's husband. Mena's 'wolf' finds Alex attractive and is hell bent on getting into his pants. Mena fights that, because technically the 'wolf' lives in Mena's body and she doesn't have feelings for Alex. Mena's heart lies with a drop dead gorgeous vampire by the name of Phoenix.
There is everything in this book from werewolves to vampires, to packs, alphas, betas, and thrown into the mix is a trio of eclectic witches who add their own 'talents' and color to the story.

Another thing I found exceptional was the successful alternating POV's. This is a difficult feat but the authors managed to pull this off beautifully without being redundant and keeping the different character's POV's unique. Great job!

There were parts of the story where I was filled with so much angst - Mena had some tough relationship choices to make and I swear I was pounding my fists more than once at her reasoning and wondering why she just didn't follow her heart. Did she in the end? You'll have to read the book to find out.

Without giving spoilers, I'll tell you this book will keep your interest from the very beginning. Oh, and there are some pretty nice sex scenes, in case you're wondering.

If you are not familiar with K.S Haigwood books, then this will be one of the most unique books you will ever read.  If you are a fan of hers, then you will not be surprised that she takes the theme of evil versus good, enemy versus enemy and brings them all together for a common good.  One difference for the fan or new reader is the addition of Anne Conley to this book.
The duo wrote a novel that will draw you into the plot early and refuse to let you go.  Life will become nonexistent, chores left undone.  Children will be begging for your attention but all you will be able to do is continue to read and turn the pages as you watch Mena, Phoenix and Alex try to figure out the mess they find themselves in after one tragic night.
Mena discovers her husband has cheated and she tries to leave.  When he finds her on that dark raining night, she isn’t alone, Phoenix, the alpha of the vampires is there.  Her husband has been harboring more than the secret of his affair, he is also the alpha of the wolf pack.  When Mena is changed, she becomes the new alpha but all of the information she needed wasn’t provided.  All she is sure of is she needs to figure out a way to lead this pack of wolves and combat against those that left in rebellion.
With Alex being the investigator into the murder of her husband, Mena’s wolf has a strong attraction to the human Alex, while Mena has feelings for Phoenix.  K.S. and Anne created a plot that gives each character a set of pros and cons with each decision they have to make, intensifying the conflict and angst in the story.  The goal was clear; the path to reaching that goal is going to be next to impossible.  People are going to lose in this story, not many will gain but for the one who wins the prize, the risks may never outweigh the victory.
Brilliance that is the first word that comes to mind when I talk about the talent of these two authors.  This book is for everyone, the lovers of vampires, wolves, shifters, love, loss and drama.  Add a few witches, humans, crime, anger and pain and you have the recipe for this emotional vortex that will take you away from reality and leave you demanding for more.

K.S. Haigwood 

Kristie Haigwood (a.k.a. K.S. Haigwood) is currently writing her 10th novel. She lives in Arkansas, US. She is the mother of 2 awesome kids and 2 great dogs. She is happily married to her soulmate who thinks reading is a solid waste of time. Opposites attract. Kristie’s works include ‘Save My Soul’, ‘Hell’s Gift’, ‘Good Side of Sin’, ‘Eternal Island’, ‘Eternal Immortality’ ‘Eternal Illusion’ ‘Accepting the Moon’ and ‘Midnight Moonrising’. ‘My Sweet Purgatory’ and ‘Andromeda’s Reign are releasing soon.

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Anne Conley

Anne has written her entire life and has the boxes of angst-filled journals and poetry to prove it. She’s been writing for public consumption for the last four years. Currently she is writing three romance series. In Stories of Serendipity, she explores real people living real lives in small town Texas in a contemporary romance setting. In The Four Winds, she chronicles God’s four closest archangels, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael, falling in love and becoming human. In Pierce Securities, she gives us Ryan, Evan, Miriam, Zack, Quinten, and Simon. She lives in rural East Texas with her husband and children in her own private oasis, where she prides herself in her complete lack of social skills, choosing instead to live with the people inside her head.

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COVER REVEAL! Midnight MoonRising by K.S. Haigwood & Anne Conley

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Paper Gold Publishing Presents......Affairs of the Heart, a Romance Box Set!

Affairs of the Heart

Romance Box Set





A gamer romance… “One thing I’ve learned in life is people aren’t usually what they seem.”


Two people, a bet, a hastily acquired boat, and a tropical paradise… “They say that every man must be punished for his wrongdoings.”


You don't just back out at the altar. Not in Pakistan… “‘Til death do us part?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Because you love Natasha.”

And he froze.

His smile. His eyes. Everything.


Two people looking for redemption… He was the Fixer Upper. She wasn’t his to toy with.


My name is Alix and I am addicted to sex… "They say it's like going into a cloud. Floating and calm."


She'd been dealt too many blows to count. He'd always lived life on easy street. Are they Yin and Yang or a mistake of epic proportions? “Guys are pretty stupid like that, huh? It takes us a while to get it right.”


She had no place to go and no one she could trust… “I will never let another man do to me what Troy did.”


An unlikely relationship… “I love her more than anything. Going to rehab is torturous, but I would do it every single day of my life if it meant I could keep her.”


A Prom night flashback… “You’re thinking relationships suck, and maybe this has potential but maybe it doesn’t.”


A woman who thinks that unless she’s thin, she has no value… “Well I find chocolate a much better companion…at least you don’t have to do its washing and tell it how fantastic it is in bed!”


She must help him without giving away her secret… “I never cared who you were. I loved you for you. Not what you had or how much you had.”


He's got his eye on her and nothing she says will change his mind... “I don’t want to drive in a car. I want to feel the wind and road the whole way.”


A perfect storybook love, until the unthinkable happens… How was it fair for everything to have been so right and happy yesterday and so heartbreakingly wrong today?


A love hunted by his demons and held together by her hope… "I'm sorry, Carrington." Tears fell out of his eyes and dropped onto my face to mix with my own. "I love you so much, but I have to fix this."


Two soul mates torn apart by sheer evil… “There is something about you, Rosa, and I can’t stop thinking of you.”


15 fun, emotional, heart-warming stories ready for you to get lost in this summer. This box set includes a mix of already released and never-before seen stories, all complete works. Those books which are part of a series can be enjoyed fully without the need to read the complete series (though there is a chance you might develop story-addiction issues—for that, we apologize).


GAME CHANGER — Rene Folsom TRIAL RUN — Ella Medler LOVE ME DO — H. A. Kay THE FIXER UPPER — Anne Conley ADDICT — Rachael Orman TIME TO BEGIN — Lucy Gage BEAUTIFULLY WOUNDED — Susan Griscom ENTANGLED SOULS — Felicia Tatum SURRENDER — Sarah M. Cradit MISADVENTURES OF FATWOMAN — Julie Elizabeth Powell LEATHER CHAPS AND BROKEN PROMISES — Lynda Kaye Frazier HER RIDE — Rachael Orman UNSELFISH LOVE — Desiree A. Cox HOPE FOR HER — Sydney Aaliyah Michelle LIES AND TRUTH — Elaine May


Brought to you by Paper Gold Publishing


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Sex, Love & Combat Boots

An Eye Candy Bookstore Anthology Benefiting Heels for Combat Boots- 90 day limited release on Amazon ONLY


Anthology Includes:

Rebecca Brooke — Letters Home

Marissa Dobson — Ace In The Hole

MJ Fields — Irons

Jennifer Foor — Love Survives

Kimberly Knight — Angels & Whiskey

Bayli Lane — What If

Kristen Hope Mazzola — Crashing Back Down

Sarah O’Rourke — Cain’s Salvation

Alexis Noelle — Fractured: Volume One

Sophie Monroe — To Love A Soldier

Available exclusively on Amazon; Purchase Your Copy NOW!

Rebecca Brooke —
Letters Home

Life is all about the jigsaw, right? Finding the different puzzle pieces to complete your very own picture. A career you love, a house to make a home, a lover to complete you, and keep you warm at night.

Danielle Renton has a life, and she loves it. A recent law school graduate, she’d been floored when her boyfriend, Nate Lewis, enlisted during their sophomore year of college. At the time, she’d been concerned with what that meant for them as a couple, but in the years that followed, they’d learned to adapt to the logistics of an army relationship.

But when life throws her a curve ball, how will she cope? Can she pick up the pieces and make her picture beautiful again? Or does she realize that, sometimes, the pieces can be too broken to fit back together…

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Marissa Dobson —
Ace In The Hole

Ace Diamond left behind the woman he loved when he joined the Navy SEALs. For years he focused on his career, risking life and limb on missions for his country. Now home on leave, he must face his past and ask himself if leaving her was a mistake.

At seventeen, Gwyneth London gave her heart away only to have it broken. More than a dozen years later, she decides to embrace her single life and have a child on her own. Ready to start over in her hometown, she doesn’t expect to see the man who still holds her heart, but when he walks back into her life she’s unable to push him away.

Can Gwyneth and Ace claim the life they were supposed to have, or will they let love pass them by?

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MJ Fields —


I was born and bred to be the man I am today. My father and his father were both graduates from The United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. Both went on to become helicopter pilots. Both had seen plenty of action. Both had met and caused devastation. Both men, who I respect more above all, had served and protected the United States and her people honorably for decades.

My best friend, William Cruz, who attended the academy with me, had flown beside me, had lived the same life as I had and shared the same ambitions in life, was gone now. This was not part of the plan. Will and I were supposed to have each other’s backs, support each other and never let anything supersede our bond.


I sat on Norfolk Beach needing to feel close to him on the anniversary of his death. It was a beautiful day in May and I was cutting class. I had done the same every year since he passed.

Jaxson Irons was only supposed to be in Pensacola for a year. But now three years later I still hadn't heard from him. I saw a man running down the beach and I knew immediately who it was.

Jaxson didn't respond the way I had dreamed he would. He told me we would catch up someday soon. I stood and watched until he was gone.

Thump, thump. I placed my hand on my chest as I felt my heart beat again for what felt like the first time in three years. Thump, thump. I felt the blood moving quickly through my body. It’s heat once again present. Thump, thump. I looked up at the sky and let out a breath. A breath that I had been holding forever. Thump, thump.

I felt tears fall down my face as I raised my hands in the air and laughed out loud.

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Jennifer Foor —
Love Survives

Imagine being in love with the same girl since you were ten years old, only to have her fall for your twin instead. This story is rocky.

It will rip you apart and possibly put you back together again.

I know this because it's my story.

The pain and anguish experienced in this is what it was like to hold onto hope that some day we'd find each other again. I won't sugar coat the details of what I went through to have her, nor will I apologize for any actions that led me right back into her life.

Sometimes love isn't enough.

For me, it took some bad experiences, a little fate, and a lot of time.

This book follows Love's Suicide. It can be read by itself as a stand alone.

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Kimberly Knight —
Angels & Whiskey

Whiskey, women and sleepless nights…

United States Army Captain Gabriel Hastings knew he would always follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. Serving his country was his destiny.

Until he fell in love…

When Gabe’s love affair is cut short, he turns to whiskey for comfort and swears he will never fall in love again.

Until he bumps into an unexpected angel…

By all appearances, Autumn Jones has the perfect life. Her husband, Richard, is a loving man who wants to be a father to her unborn children. But Autumn knows the truth. Richard has a controlling, dark side that leaves nothing to chance, especially Autumn. He’ll stop at nothing to make her the trophy wife he wants her to be.

When Autumn bumps into Gabe, he consumes her every thought, but she can’t act on her feelings. She’s married to a dark man she can never leave.

When he learns who Autumn’s husband really is, Gabe knows he will stop at nothing to protect her. Or is it too late for him to save his angel?

Angels & Whiskey is part of a series, however, can be read as a standalone book.

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Bayli Lane —
What If

For some people falling in love was a happy, glowing experience. For Briar Kelly and Arrow Donovan it was more like getting hit by a freight train.

Caring for one another was never an easy feat. They constantly fought to hold their feelings inside, not wanting to jeopardize their friendship. Then, Arrow left for the Marines, and everything changed. Briar was shattered. Arrow was hurt.

While Briar told herself she’d never let another man affect her in such a way, Arrow still remained in the forefront of her mind. For Arrow, his memories of Briar kept him alive in both of his near death experiences. When Arrow’s demons threatened to drag him under, Briar was there, pulling him from the darkness.

"What ifs" keep piling up while resentment and redemption battles continue; will Briar and Arrow be able to find their happily ever after, or will this be one war that Arrow can't win?

THIS IS A STAND-ALONE, Contemporary Romance: Due to language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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Kristen Hope Mazzola —
Crashing Back Down

Mags McManus has just become a war widow in her mid-twenties. Her late husband, Randy, left for the Army right after their wedding. Instead of celebrating his homecoming and living in marital bliss with her soulmate, Mags finds herself living in constant agony. Dealing with the guilt of still living without Randy, are Randy's best friends and parents.

Rising from the ashes of this tragedy, Mags starts to learn how to love and trust again, finally being able to find happiness. But sometimes things really are too good to be true and again Mags learns how cruel the world can be as she crashes back down.

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Sarah O’Rourke —
Cain’s Salvation

When Dr. Cain Turner's life was literally blown apart in a small province of Afghanistan, it was only the hope and memories of one woman that propelled him forward. But there were more demons to face.

In the small country hamlet of Paradise, Tennessee…Faith waits. Surrounded by her loving sisters, Faith McKinnon had faced her own demons, having thought that the love of her life had deserted her.

But fate…and a few meddling McKinnon sisters…conspired to bring the two star-crossed lovers together again.

Book One in the Passion in Paradise - The Men of the McKinnon Sisters Series

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Alexis Noelle —
Fractured: Volume One

Nothing in life is ever fair.

There are wars we battle and face every day.

Some too close to home.

I had it all.

The perfect husband.

The perfect house.

The perfect...Everything.

Then one moment changed everything forever

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Sophie Monroe —
To Love a Soldier

Life is short. At twenty-one, Liz Kane knows this. Having lost her dad in combat, she is well aware of life's cruel twists. Still, working to pay her way through school and cautiously beginning a new relationship, Liz is content.

When an accident brings her brother, John, Stateside from his current stint in the Marine's, life gives Liz another twist, this time bringing in an old friend, new love, and the possibilty of happiness for John when he meets Mandy.

This is a story of love, loss, and new beginnings.

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Heels for Combat Boots

HFCB was founded and created by Kati Sorensen AKA 'Riskay Business' and was officially established on February 28, 2014. HFCB sets out to assist our Servicemen and women with PTSD/TBI (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury). We assist with helping these individuals adjust back into the world of civilian life, connect them with the correct outreach and treatment programs, help with their day to day struggles and issues; such as assisting them with paying their bills, obtain groceries, etc. We help to get them back involved with the things they enjoy, introduce them to new experiences, and connect them with hunting and fishing trips. Also getting involved with Vet events, visiting the VA's, and sending out care packages. Check out our event page to see all we have up our sleeve to raise funds!

HFCB Website: