Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving…..Giving many thanks!


This year has been incredible! I've published my first book, it's on Amazon, Smashwords AND available through Create Space in paperback! I'm blown over! Who would have thought that one year ago on October 27th as I typed the first words into a word document that I would be a published author?

So many amazing things have happened over this year which are not book related that I have reason to be thankful for as well…..

I have two beautiful grandchildren and 3 amazing kids all of whom I'm so very proud and thankful for. God has blessed me richly - I certainly don't deserve all he has bestowed upon me, but I'll take it!

My oldest son Dale and his beautiful wife Julie celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary the day after my birthday this year.
That leaves my youngest son  Ben who has an incredible beautiful girlfriend Andra who I know will be my daughter in law in the near future. Who knows? Maybe they will make the trilogy and get married ON my birthday. His girlfriend's mother, who is a dear friend has her birthday the day BEFORE mine. Too much coincidence? YUP! It's fate.

I put up my Christmas tree yesterday and with each ornament I hung on the tree I realized how darn lucky I am. I've got beautiful children who are all successful, they have amazing soul mates and I've got an incredible husband as well. Life doesn't get much better than this does it? Yes it does!

I've got such wonderful friends as well. Not only friends I've known for over 30 years, but I have to include the new friends I've met in this past year. Friends I've met on Facebook - fellow Author and Blogger friends who are like a sorority. We're all there for each other. When I stress out, I only have to post a message and they all come to my rescue. Life is good and I only hope I can pay it forward. Blessed beyond words? Yes indeed I am!

As I continue to work diligently on completion of my book 2, I am ever thankful and proud of each and every one of my family members and friends. God is good and I'm blessed.

Thank you  to all my friends, family and new found friends….authors and bloggers. I love you all!

Blogger/Author friends, Trenda Lundin, Jennifer Douglas (my publicist) Diane Rinella, Angela Ford, Shelia Tansley (aka Aubree Lane), Mary Reason Theriot, Grace Augustine, Hayley Oakes, Tanya Watt to name but a few….I thank you all for your friendship. It means the world:)

May the blessings of this season flow upon you….

Love and Hugs!



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