Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Change Is Good

My husband and I set out yesterday to find a new recliner for him. We spent the whole day together matter of fact, which is rare since weekends for me are typically spent tied to my computer writing.

We set out for our favorite local furniture store determined and browsed the recliners finally finding "the one".

Hubby says that when you walk by a chair, the perfect one for you will scream  "MY CHAIR" and apparently this one did. I was just pleased it wasn't adorned with a "gear" on the side of it. I have a 'no gear' policy in my house. This sleek leather God of a chair has a hidden electric button that reclines it. YAY! Color me happy.

Of course, there was a couch and chair with ottoman that also screamed to come home with us; we heard it and purchased all of them. $$$$$$ :(

Of course me being the consummate texting queen,  snapped photos and send them to my kids, proud of our new purchases.

Each one shared the same sentiment…..WHY are you and Dad getting a new couch??? There's nothing wrong with the one you have and we like it.

One son even offered to buy it from us so it wouldn't go to couch heaven (or hell).

It seems they all have good memories of our couch and that makes me smile. It's a good feeling when your kids become attached to a fixture in your house - makes you feel loved.
Hubby, on the other hand has a different analogy about said couch. "They all like it because they lay on the damn thing and smooch when they come over"

It is, after all 108" and big enough for 2 to comfortably lie in each other's arms and, yes….smooch.

So today, change will come to the Theriot household. I guess my den will become "smoochless" when the kids come over, but that's okay….. I've got new furniture.

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