Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Anniversary to a Houston Broadcasting Icon....


daveward On 11/9/14 , Dave Ward celebrates his 48th anniversary as the longest on-air anchor at ABC 13 KRTK TV - in my town, Houston, TX!  Read on, because it doesn't stop here....

In 2 years (2016) and after 50 (Yes, FIFTY) years, Dave will break ALL records for being the longest on air anchor at any major market television station in the nation and will be inaugurated into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Now just what exactly does that mean?

Well, for starters it is quite an accomplishment - a pièce de ré·sis·tance : the best or most important thing or event. Perhaps the pinnacle in one's career.

Someone who has been at the same job for almost 50 years? I would call that Epic!

Let me tell you what that means to me....

I moved to Houston in 1977 and that's when I first met Dave Ward (on television of course, not in person). Dave has this inordinate way of making you feel like he's in your home sitting down, talking to you about what's gone on in the news. Never pompous or pretentious, he has this larger than life yet humbling presence that makes you feel - well, comfortable. I've watched him report during disasters when you literally fear for your life and this man, with his professionalism and suave confident presence makes you feel like everything's gonna be all right. Not many newscasters possess this gift and I'm so glad that I've been part of this amazing journey with him.

Just as Nik Wallenda made it into the Guinness Book of World Records on November 2nd for his tightrope walk across the Chicago skyline, Dave Ward has accomplished much the same. For almost half a century, this man has defied the odds and walked his own tight rope through the jungles of ratings sweeps, popular opinion and changing technology. He has been steadfast in maintaining his old school southern gentlemanly reporting style which has won the hearts of Houstonians and the nation.

It's times like these when I'm proud to be a Houstonian, proud to be a Dave Ward fan and proud to support this amazing journalist in his amazing career accomplishment.

Thank you Dave Ward for being you....for giving us your heart and soul and ultimate gift of your professionalism on the airwaves of television.

May I also add that plans for the Golden Anniversary of this remarkable professional's career are already underway. Stay tuned for further breaking news...

CHEERS  and Congrats #DAVEWARD!


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Enjoy a walk down memory lane with Dave (in no particular order) below....



  1. Congratulations from across the pond. Sounds like a real legend. What a wonderful and joyous post!

  2. What a wonderful article. It's sad that journalists of Mr. Ward's caliber are few and far between. Best wishes to him.

  3. Very interesting article, Jennifer. Thank you for sharing!