Sunday, December 7, 2014

Up Today is the 'Unforgettable' Angela Ford.....

Check out my friend and fellow author ANGELA FORD! (oh, and did I mention what a talented author she is?)

Here is my review of CLOSURE:

I started the book last night and couldn't wait to get home tonight to finish it! It is a real page turner and a quick fast paced read . Jess is a young beautiful FBI agent who is working on an Internet case trying to find a killer. Her parents were tragically murdered ten years ago and she is trying to come to grips with that while working on this intense case. Coupled with that is the fact that she has feelings for her boss Tom, who like her has been hiding his true feelings during their tenure working together. After her folks died, Jess threw herself into her work, putting her life and happiness on the back burner. Tom, divorced with a teenage daughter has done the same after striking out in his failed marriage and relationship with his daughter . Working on this case, trying to find this Internet predator who is killing people, Jess comes face to face with the killer , escapes and he finds her. Unbeknownst to her, he is a character from her past. Follow Jess , Tom and the rest of the FBI team as they search for the UNSUB and in the process two people find a love that has been brewing for years. I loved the suspense of the story and the vivid descriptions of the setting and characters make for a delightful read.

Here's where you can find Angela Ford:

Angela Ford

​Best Selling Author of Closure 

A Suspense with a Dash of Romance

Unforgettable Kiss

A Romance with a Dash of Suspense

​Closure's sequel Forbidden

Blind Tasting

Personal Assistant to Angela Ford

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