Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Melanie Macek reveals her new cover...It's AWESOME!

Cover Reveal – The Path to You

We’re a few days past my 4th anniversary of blogging to announce the cover for my 5th novel, The Path to You. It seems that my novels do better when I write them and let them sit for a few years. This started as a short story titled Bradley’s Letter for a college class and morphed into a full length novel.  This is one of those things that spawned from my hardheadedness. You see, the professor said it would never make a good story because the premise was weak and it just didn’t make sense. Well…. Let’s just say I ignored that advice and found a way to make it work.
The Path to You - ebook 1600x900
Let me introduce you to Elena and Alec.
Elena Tinsmann is one semester away from graduating with her history degree. Her parents inform her she must start planning a wedding – her own. She learns she’s engaged to the one person who’s hurt her most; someone she used to call a friend…
Alec Herr appears to have everything: heir to the family business along with prestige and standing in the community. It’s the last thing he wants. When he finds out about the arranged marriage to Elena, he sees it as a chance to follow his own path….
Arranged marriage in the 21st Century? Find out on June 16th how it happens and what Alec and Elena decide to do.

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