Monday, October 31, 2016

HELP! I have so much going on and I've lost touch with reality.....

This weekend made me take a serious look at the simpler things in life....the things that mean the most. Family. How many of you put the daily stresses of life and work to the forefront of life? Above family? I'm guilty for sure. My full time day job and my 'side job' of being an author often take a front seat and family, sadly often rides shotgun. Today, all three of my kids and their kids came over (which they do often) But today, for some meant so much more. I turned off the laptop, ignored my phone, Facebook, Twitter and all social media and you know what? I had the BEST day. My hubby and kids tell me all the time that I'm addicted to social media and my writing, so for once I decided to disconnect and prove them wrong. It was actually quite liberating. Watching the grandkids all play together was great. I looked at my three children and their spouses, then at their own children and realized how lucky I am. The grandkids adore each other and love to play together. Their little smiles and hugs are something I love. Adults get so wrapped up in what we think is expected of us, forgetting that the simple things in life are what give us the most joy. With the holidays fast approaching, I decided to plan a grandkids day. I set up a Pinterest board of kid-friendly Christmas crafts and added a few that I liked. I shared the board with their moms and asked them sit down with the kids and post crafts they'd like to do and in two weeks, we are gonna converge on the locals crafts store and purchase what we need to have a fantabulous day. I'm so excited and looking forward to having them over on Saturday night (giving the parents a 'date night') and will post pics of our craft day. I guess what I'm saying is that it's okay to check out from social media and your other daily commitments. Take time to 'make time'. I'd love to hear how you take time to make time. We're all guilty of it. It's a balancing act and if you're a parent, you know what I mean. Juggling and making yourself available to your job, family and other commitments is hard. I get it. Wishing you all a wonderful start to the holiday season!