Monday, April 7, 2014

Indie Authors are the Best!

I am blessed to be part of this wonderful community of talented indie authors. Just when you think you've read what you think is the best book ever, you read another one - then another one - then another one.

I'm also thankful to be part of a group of 20 ladies - a sisterhood of sorts. It started out as a group of gals whose sole purpose was to increase exposure on Facebook but then it grew to much more than that. We quickly discovered that while we all have different writing styles and live all over the world, we were able to use our private little forum to express our frustrations, our joys, our health issues, share information and just have fun. One of the brainiacs in our group came up with an idea for an April fools online event and we gave away a Kindle Fire as well as doing author guest spots over a 4 day period. I was blown away to have seen that over 57 THOUSAND people registered for the giveaway. To top that off, our fans want more of these events!

To be kept up to date on our events, please follow me on twitter @JenTheRiot or on my facebook page,

If and when you see the hashtag #PTCLS that would be our Crazy Lady Stalker group - the group of wonderfully talented, AMAZING female authors I'm proud to call my friends.

Have an AMAZING week!

My second book Out of the Box Regifted comes out on April 8th and I'm soooo excited:)


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