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Dianne Harman weighs in on the 'What if?'......

This is a blog post by friend and best selling author Dianne Harman. She and I - along with a several other female authors have taken the question 'What if?' and asked some of our characters to weigh's a fun take on the question. Enjoy!

By the way, I've read Dianne's books and I highly recommend them!

From Dianne Harman's blog:3D (1)

I've featured a couple of authors on this blog who have done "What If?" posts on their books. It occurred to me that I'd be remiss if I didn't do one on the Coyote Series, so here goes! This is from Maria's point of view - one of the main protagonists in all three books in the series: Blue Coyote Motel, Coyote in Provence, and Cornered Coyote.

"What If I'd never applied to Moore Pharmaceutical Labs for a job? What if I hadn't taken the anti-aging hormone my brilliant scientific husband-to-be, Jeffrey, offered me? What if we hadn't bought the Blue Coyote Motel in the desert after he was fired for giving it to me? What if I hadn't taken Freedom, the anti-depressant/anti-aging drug Jeffrey formulated? What if I hadn't killed him when he became insane?

"What if I hadn't gone to Provence? What if I hadn't met Jordan, a Los Angeles Art Theft Detective who was in Provence looking for stolen art, when I was a chef at a Michelin restaurant in Provence restaurant?  What if I hadn't discovered the formulas for the drugs on an old computer I'd taken to Provence when I hurriedly left the United States? What if Jordan and I hadn't discovered the little Afghanistan girls in Pierre's parents' barn? What if I hadn't met Darya and told her about the formulas? What if Jordan had stayed in Provence with me?

"What if I hadn't come back to the United States to live with Jordan? What if I hadn't been arrested for Jeffrey's death? What if the guests at the Blue Coyote Motel hadn't become addicted to the drug Jeffrey piped into the air-conditioning? What if Slade Kelly hadn't been able to get the Mexican Mafia to protect me while I was in prison? What if Slade hadn't helped me during the trial? What if Jordan had left me? What if...?"

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