Monday, October 13, 2014

Story Time...






With my son's wedding fast approaching, I got an incredible idea today... I saw a post on Facebook - it was a picture of two penguins hugging and it asked for each participant to add two words and make a story. (Coincidentally, my son's fiance looooves pengins)

I thought to myself, 'just how cool would it be to create a story for them right here from this post; starting out with a picture of these two hugging penguins, the first two words 'Ben & Andra', penned by me in the comments then ask my Facebook friends to add to two words and keep it going.

I posted it and in a matter of seconds, people started posting. I was stunned! Post after post fed off the previous post and this is turning out to be a beautiful heart rending little story. No one has posted anything 'off color', but rather they have each listed  their own words of wisdom. From time to time, I'll go in and add two words to keep us going.

The amazing thing about this is the number of people who are posting their 'two words worth'. There are new friends, folks I don't really know at all, and dear old friends. When I see an old friend who I've not had contact with in over a year, I've got to tell you, my heart smiles.

Life and the paths we are on keep us from staying in touch with our friends on a regular basis, so seeing their profile pics and posts into the thread just made me think how epic this could be to incorporate this into a real story - one that I could put into print, with pictures of the happy couple and present it to them on their wedding day, from me and about 100+ of my Facebook friends!

I'll keep you posted and will definitely post a picture of my finished product. I just need to come up with a title. Maybe some of you can take this idea and run with it....

Have an awesome week filled with love and friendship:)s,









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