Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Power of Two Words, Forty Two Friends (and Facebook)

penguinwordsYesterday, I typed two words in a post on my Facebook page:

Ben & Andra.

I then asked my Facebook friends to contribute two words only per post and to help me write a story for my son and his fiance, that I will make into a book to give them at their wedding. Within seconds after the post went up, I was overwhelmed with joy at the response. Over forty friends contributed! We finished the story today (I'm leaving it exactly as it was written - some thoughts got ahead of others, but I like it that way and did not want to change a thing!

It is with great pleasure and pride that I present to you:

The Power of Two Words

A Collection of Inspirational Advice and Thoughts for a Happy Marriage

Ben & Andra

Adore cuddles. Who can handle the hardest and the toughest obstacles; whatever life brings to them. Love, many blessings and lots of grandchildren.

May you find peace, enjoy your marriage and Heavenly joy will surround you both.

With love and abundance , with God's blessings

And when you walk holding hands, just remember two words; respect and compromise.

Love deeply. You are very loved for eternity. Times will - don't forget

And if there are troubles, you work on your vows. To remember to love each other no matter what life throws you. Cherish your....

Just be happy together.

Your parents love you! Love, honor and respect each other.

Never go to bed angry or mad at each other. Be patient, be kind and cherish every moment.

Talk with each other, not at each other and kiss & hug as much as you can.

Respect your differences as much as you cherish your similarities.

Your children will be precious gifts. Hope you both will teach them to love and respect.....and kindness

Don't forget that laughter makes life much sweeter and much more fun.

And when life seems unbelievably complicated, pray together.

And for overwhelming one another - stay honest.

As parents, always together and always be caring.

In closing, my wish for you is love beyond measure - beyond words.

Best Friends.

God will guide you, so listen in quiet moments between the respect.

And in closing, my wish for the two of you is for many, many years of love,

happiness and happy memories...



I now would like to acknowledge the amazing authors of this incredible story: (in order of their posts)

Samantha Atkin, Jennifer Bryan Yarbrough, Lyn Croft, Marie Hegman-Hill, Stephanie Sakry, Deborah C. Adams, Michelle Frankiewicz Meade, Judith Hari Wuntch, Janice Richardson, Nicole Garcia, Pamela Collins, Kim Wonacott, Tammy Skaggs, Brian Lane, Anne Duellman, Jayne Hyatt, Cindy Smith, Nancy Reichart, Melanie James, Angie Wright, Andrea Wood, Jessica Watts, Mary Williams, Patti Van Kerrebroeck Richoux, Teri Riggs, Annette Holland, Colleen Walker Stavinoha, Robyn Konopka, Donna Spell, Karen Acker Dunlap, Heather Leah, L.E. Love, Cheryl Ourada Allen, Marilyn Mason Blakely, Christine McCoy Duncan, Cherime MacFarlane, Terri Hubbard Carle, Nancy Gonzalez Baugher, Billye Rose Davis Cotton, Stephanie Boyd Whitehurst, Marjorie Boyd-Springer, and Mary Pizzuto


  1. Wonderful!

  2. Great idea Jennifer - and some powerful words of advice

  3. That came out so wonderful. So happy that I could be a part of it<3

  4. A wonderful idea, with a divine response.

  5. Ohhhh, like that! Wish I'd seen it earlier I'd have been in like a shot !

    Great stuff... :-)