Friday, October 3, 2014

I Want to get married again....

We spent last evening with my son and his fiance at their new house. They closed Tuesday on their new home and have been 'moving in' by taking their many shower gifts to the house. They will marry in November and while that's over a month away, they have gotten so many nice things! Watching them put them all up, I said to my husband, "I think want to get married again." He laughed and replied, "You go right ahead. I'm done with that stuff. Been there, done that"

I look at the array of beautiful, shiny new things on the kitchen counter amazed at how technology and design has gotten so much better over the years. For example, the knife set she received is sleek and space saving; unlike the humongous thing that sits on my counter. They have had the entire house repainted and have made it 'their own' by selecting their own colors and it is fabulous!

I smile with pride and hug this wonderful woman who is about to become my son's wife...a true God send and one of the best gifts God can give our family...

I'm richly blessed with the amazing women that my sons have chosen for their soul daughter has also chosen wisely and it is now that I reflect and realize how truly blessed I am.

I will never doubt the seemingly unanswered prayers I have prayed for over the years. You just have to trust and have faith that God WILL provide.  A mother can only hope and wish for God's blessing on her family and I've received just that. I'm not worthy by any means, but I've been #blessedbeyondwords !

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