Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Lost Art of Cursive Writing.....A Thing of the Past? SAY IT AIN'T SO!

Can you believe that cursive writing is no longer being taught in our schools?  That truly saddens me. I mean REALLY saddens me.

I recently asked the granddaughter of a co-worker if she could write her name in long hand (she's 10) She looked at me puzzzled and replied,

"You mean cursive? No, they don't teach that."

How in the world can something as unique as a signature become obsolete? How are legislative bills going to be signed into being? Printed name??? GAWWWW! This scares the hell out of me!

What if everyone's printing looks alike?

Future generations will miss the beauty of a signature. It's something that belongs to you...your signature becomes your identity. So love letters (which I suppose are also a thing of the past) will be printed? How totally unromantic and absurd!

And how in the world do you sign a check? They stipulation "Signature Required" has no validity; unless of course we all resort to the ever present God of technology, 'electronic signature'

And how will celebrities and sports legends sign autographs and sports memorabilia???? By printing their names?????? YIKES! #scary and #sad

Call me old fashioned, but I'm just dumbfounded and my heart is heavy as I realize that the Boomers and GenX are probably the last of the mohicans who have learned the art of cursive writing....

If you were to get a 'signed' book from an author, which would you prefer???

Just some food for thought ;)


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  1. How sad :( my kids better be thought how to!!! , I would rather cursive !!!

  2. Sign of the times, Jennifer. Sorry about that...

  3. I can't believe that either. What a shame.

  4. Things change, and not always for the better...

  5. Jenni, if that's the case, it's appalling. Your signature and writing hand in general say so much about your character, and it evolves over time with you. Sounds like they want to go back to the days when illiterate people signed with a x. Or was it a + ? Either way.

    My daughter's French friend is coming to stay with us for a week next week. He writes beautifully and has done for years - and he's only nine now. They're still taught via the old French squared paper, where the cursive text is also neatly placed along straight lines. It's a joy to see a child write so elegantly.

    Well said, my friend.

  6. It's good to see there is still a nine year old who possesses the fine quality of penmanship!
    x (that's my signature) bahahaha!

  7. It's very sad the things our education system now sees as valueless. =(